About us

“The point of books is to combat loneliness” — David Foster Wallace.

Who We Are

A team of former academics and tech enthusiasts who won't shut up about a good book.

Our Mission

To transform the e-book into a dynamic space for conversation. We lower the volume on the internet, so you and your friends have a more intimate digital space to read and discuss books together.

The big social media platforms are great for hot takes and status updates, but they were not built to facilitate meaningful discussion. By anchoring conversations in the pages of e-books, Threadable lets readers and experts come together to make connections between books and the world.

What We Do

Create a place where you can invite friends and family into a reading circle to talk about your current read.

Bring journalists, historians, scholars, and other experts into your books so you can read in the company of the world’s leading thinkers. And we give these public intellectuals the tools to engage more meaningfully with you.

Curate classic works of nonfiction and fiction—what we like to call the Deep Backlist—in fresh and relevant ways to help you find your next read.

Build and refine tools that will let you connect with like-minded communities of readers who are curious about the same books and authors as you.

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