What is Threadable?

Have you ever read a passage in a book and wished you could share your thoughts with others and see what they think? Threadable is the first social reading platform that lets you discuss books with others inside the books themselves, between the lines.

Who is Threadable for?

We built Threadable for people who love discussion threads and collaborative learning but wish there was a way to anchor conversations in books and documents. We've made sources threadable for anyone who wants to start or follow a conversation from or to a source.

Is Threadable free?

Yes! All of our books, documents, and guide commentaries are free. Joining and starting circles are also free. Invite friends to your Circle or accept an invite to a Circle at no cost.

What is Guided Commentary?

Our amazing guides, all luminaries in their fields, have annotated books and historical documents they think everyone should be reading. You can read their commentary either solo or in a Circle with others.

Who can see my comments?

If you choose to read a book solo, all your annotations are always private to you even if you later decide to invite others into the book. If you choose to read a book with a Circle, all your comments are visible to members of your Circle.

What is a Circle?

A Circle is a shared reading and commenting experience. Circles can be formed around available books and documents. They are private and can only be joined with an invite code. All Circle members can start, view, and participate in discussion threads linked to passages in the book.

How do I start a Circle?

You can create a Circle around any book or document in our Collection, including guided commentary. Simply tap Circles on the bottom nav, tap the Make a New Circle button, name your Circle, tap the + symbol on the home screen of your new Circle and select your book from the Collection. If you want to start a Circle around a book or document that's not in our collection, please send your request here.

I was invited to a Circle, how do I join it?

First you need an invite code. Once you have that, tap the Circles icon on the bottom nav and then tap the "Someone invited me" button on the Circles screen. You will then see a prompt to enter your code.

Can I join more than one Circle?

Yes, you can start and join as many Circles as you desire. We encourage you to be curious, sociable, and prolific!

How many books can be added to a Circle?

You can add as many books as you'd like to your Circle.

Why is the book selection limited?

While we're in beta, selections are limited to books and documents that are off copyright and in the public domain. We believe this is a productive temporary constraint. There's a treasure trove of historical titles in the public domain waiting to be threaded into current conversations.

Can I request that you add a book or document?

Yes! A request to add a title using this form will make our day, and we'll work quickly to make it available.

Can I use Threadable on an iPad?

Yes! Even though the app is developed for iPhone, it runs the same on iPad. Be sure to enlarge the view by tapping on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Can I use Threadable on Android?

No, Threadable is only on iOS right now. We will be adding support for Android in the future.